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Awaken to your Core Genius and authentically represent all of who you are to the world.

Learn how, in under 4 years I went from being laid-off from a Fortune 100 company to creating a business making $10k on my first project to making a minimum of $50k per project. This allowed me to purchase my dream home and watch as it was being built. Most importantly I was able to do all of this while being my amazing, lovely and authentic self!

I help people who feel marginalized in traditional workspaces learn how to build an entrepreneurial exit strategy so they can build careers they are proud of on their own terms and time without fear or pressure to conform in ways that strip them of their unique identity.

Wherever you are on your journey, the dream you have for your career, life or business is closer than you realize. No one said that taking that first or next step is easy. You’ve got some creating to do, some plans to write and decisions to make. You don’t have to do any of it alone. That’s why I, Erin White, Founder & CEO of Hexagon Strategy Group am here to help. Stop letting procrastination and fear rob you of your destiny. All you need is some help along your journey. No worries, I've got you covered.

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Are you a person who is super ready to:

In the Six-Week Course You Will Learn How to:

Identify and describe your most loyal & profitable customers.

Create a valuable, delightful and trusted experience for your customers.

Choose the ideal places to reach your customers.

Cultivate multiple revenue streams based on successful customer engagement.

Gain clarity on key capability areas such as Brand Identity, Partners, Systems, Processes, Tools and Finances.

The Six-Week Course to Building a Successful End-to-End Business Strategy That Inspires Confidence to Move Forward

Exit Strategy

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Start a side-hustle that lays a strong foundation for you to leave your 9 to 5 in the next couple of years?

Take your successful side-hustle to the next level with a clear cut strategy?

Finally get serious about your entrepreneurship journey, but you are confused about where to start?

Stop listening to everyone else and listen to your heart and go for it?

Let go of the pain of fear so you never have to feel the pain of regret?

How to Build a Business

for the Side-Hustler & New Entrepreneur

Meet the Founder
& The MastHER Strategist

erin white

Hey friends, I’m Erin, Founder & CEO of Hexagon Strategy Group. Here’s a little about me...

I’m a Baltimore native, an enormously proud Howard University alumna (HU! You Know!), received an MBA from Vanderbilt, and a dog mom to my Hollywood, a Yorkshire Terrier from South Africa. I’ve moved around a bit during a 10-year hospitality career, having worked for the original Waldorf Astoria in New York, was a managing partner for a boutique hotel in South Africa, and an eight-year career in strategic HR for Coca-Cola Enterprises that started in Atlanta - the city I now call home. I was able to build teams, increase the effectiveness of business units and leaders nationally and globally.

Beyond all that fun stuff, I have a God-given, intentionally honed talent to help people think, reach and execute on things they never imagined to achieve results they hadn’t considered they could actually achieve. 

I coach and consult not only from my background and education, but from my well-earned, lived experience. I will not tell you anything I haven’t gotten right (or wrong) myself and what I’ve learned from it!

I’m so excited to partner with you on your journey!

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wine, whiskey & Winners

New Episodes Monthly.

Ah... wine and whiskey. Two of my favorite adult bevs. They remind me a lot about the process of winning in life because only the finest of these are developed intentionally and over-time -- just like building a rewarding career, a legacy worthy business, an authentic leadership style, or a strong sense of self and worthiness.

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How a “Reliable Rosé” Sums Up Erin White 's Journey to Winning on Her Own Terms.

Check out my monthly podcast so you can listen to me and a few special guests chat it up on topics like redefining your concept of winning, responsible and compassionate leadership, culture, and my favorite - rants and revelations.


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Pleasant words are a like a honeycomb, 
Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.

- PROVERBS 16:24


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The MastHERstrategist

Taking You From Point A to Point Z While We Laugh and Learn at Every Stop in Between

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My YouTube channel will start out with video recordings of the Wine, Whiskey and Winners™ podcast so you can see the incredible people I will be interviewing. It will evolve into discussions about planning an exit strategy into your next stage of freedom. Entrepreneurial, financial, emotional, professional & personal.

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